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by: Jeremy -
More On: Capcom Captivate 2010
A few months back, following our attendance at Capcom's Captivate 2010 event in Honolulu, Hawaii, I was interviewed by gaming journalist Kyle Orland for an article that was being penned for a national publication which shall remain unnamed. The article was meant to cover the world of press junkets and their impact on journalism, if any, particularly in the world of video games. 

I was recently notified that the publication in question had made the decision not to run the article out of fear of "causing problems". Either way, I found the article to be pretty informative, particular for those who would like a little insight to the relationships and dealings many writers / web sites have with various companies and developers. Despite the article not being officially published, Kyle has published it to his personal gaming blog, the Game Beat.

Head on over to the link above if you would like to check it out and get some thoughts from the likes of myself, Tom Chick of Syfy's Fidget and Nick Chester from Destructoid... all great guys by the way (excluding myself). Thanks again to Kyle Orland for taking the time and valuing our opinion enough to involve us in the story.

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