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An entire planet of Minigolf features

by: Sean Colleli -
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I've never been exactly wild for miniature golf but Planet Minigolf has just about everything for someone who is a big fan of the pastime. The visuals are pretty impressive for a golf game, especially one on PSN, and it even has a course editor. The cartoony style might put off fans of the more serious Tiger Woods titles but hey, it's very appropriate for miniature golf.

ZEN Studios Announces Planet MiniGolf “Features Trailer” Now Available

ZEN Studios’ upcoming arcade golfing multiplayer game Planet MiniGolf continues to show off the rich game features and detailed customization options that will leave you anxiously awaiting launch! This all-new features trailer shows off the unique and different environments and how to navigate your way through Planet MiniGolf.

Planet MiniGolf’s features trailer takes players through each different Planet MiniGolf environment and course. Locations are varied, such as the abandoned pirate ship of Buccaneer’s Hideout, or the frosty and chilly Polar Station course, where your golf ball will be affected by the slippery ice and frigid weather. The Ancient Valley environment will put players in the precarious position of trying to get a hole in one off of the ancient Mayan ruins and pyramids, and in the SoHo England area, gamers will be surrounded by upbeat techno music and try to avoid bogeys in the middle of the city. This trailer also shows off the scoreboard system, the flags which players can choose the country of their choice to represent, the multiplayer modes and replay options, where you can replay your shot and upload it to YouTube.