An emotional trailer released for NIER

by: Chad -
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Square Enix will be releasing NIER later this month on PS3 and 360. They've given fans another chance to see the game world and different characters with this new trailer. It doesn't contain much new infomration, but it does show off some impressive visuals. If the trailer is any indication, the production value of the game should be pretty high. Are you planning on picking NIER up when it's released on April 27?

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Square Enix’s upcoming action-RPG NIER is fast approaching on April 27. And, while you STILL may not have figured out exactly what is going on with the game’s twisting and turning storyline, side-scrolling, polarizing characters, talking books, isometric views, giant monsters and “interesting” companions the following NEW trailer for NIER will certainly reveal quite a bit more…
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