An AWESOME free game and some Drunken Robot Pornography that's completely SFW

by: Ben Berry -
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If you didn't read my coverage of Deejobaan Games AAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAA! you might not know how out there these folks are. And by out there, I mean awesome. Clearly looking to captialize on the publicity coming off of their PAX East appearance, today they released a theme song and a free game.

The song is Drunken Robot Pornography, and it seems to tell a warped version of the companys history. You can listen to the song here.

The song is the soundtrack to the free game TAPtapTAPtapTAPtapTAP which they released today via link in an email to everyone on their mailing list (and encouraged sharing). This game is essentially a musical version of AAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAA! (in case you couldn't tell they were related by the name). In TAPtapTAP, instead of basejumping you spin your way through a visual maze of 4 color boxes. Each color represents one of the 4 music tracks that makes up Drunken Robot Pornography. You increase the volume of each of the 4 tracks by navigating close to the boxes of the color matched with each track. The goal being to keep the volume as high as you can on each track, increasing the points you earn as you move through the maze.

What adds depth to the game, is that you only have one control, the left mouse button. Clicking alters which way you rotate. The longer you hold down the button the faster you rotate. Plus, while the goal is to come close to the boxes, if you come in contact with 3 boxes, the game ends.

I've been playing for about 20 minutes, and it's addictive as heck. ive gotten 223,450 points. See if you can beat that.
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