Amy brings a new level of survival horror to PSN

by: Jeremy -
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A new post on the Official PlayStation Blog shows off the new title coming exclusively to the PlayStation Network later this year. Amy is an ambitious new title from the creator of the classic Flashback, Paul Cuisset.

Amy puts players in the shoes of Lana, a young woman stricken with a mysterious virus that turns normal people into gruesome, animalistic creatures. Your home town has descended into a state of chaos following the impact of a comet as the mysterious illness slowly takes over the population. There are two ways for you to survive: acquire doses of an anecdote from the bodies of fallen military soldiers and the companionship of a young girl by the name of Amy.

Strangely, Amy is immune to the infection and also appears to be the key to the cure. When you are close to Amy, the spread of the virus ceases and you actually begin to heal but in order to reap the benefits of her abilities you will need to keep her alive. You aren’t the only one interested in Amy’s curious ability, as she is being hunted by infected humans, ferocious creatures, and Military Forces alike. Neither Amy or Lana are trained fighters so you will have to use their other strengths and unique traits to make it through the Hellish world.

I really like what I have seen and heard of the game thus far and really look forward to learning more as the year goes on. This has quickly jumped up near the top of my “most wanted” list for 2011. Check out a short developer diary below:

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