Amazon secures Angry Birds Rio rights (Android)

by: Jeremy -
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If you are looking to get the upcoming Angry Birds Rio on your Android device, there is only one place that you will be able to find it: the Amazon app store. The deal secures the title as a launch title for Amazon’s new portal for Android-based applications.

The exclusivity of the title is an interesting concept and marks what some could argue as the first major cpmetative blow against Google’s own Android Marketplace. The Amazon app store initiative will offer developers a different outlet for publishing their games, but it comes with a price. First off, they will have to pay $99 per year to publish content (not charged the initial year) and Amazon will reserve the right to set the price(s) on published applications. This includes the ability to offer sales and make adjustments as Amazon sees fit.

Angry Birds has been a success on every platform that it has launched on since its inception. The Android version of the game(s) have been offered as free downloads thus far thanks to the ads included in the game; it will be interesting to see if that trend continues with Rio since Amazon can technically set the price to their liking... 

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