Amazon Gold Box deals are all video game related today

by: Chad -
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Every now and then, Amazon has some decent video game deals on their Gold Box offering.  Today, all seven of the Gold Box deals are video game related.  Keep an eye out on their Gold Box page to see if any of them are worth it to you.  They are only offered in limited quantity and during a specific time frame so be sure to check the site frequently for the rest of the day if interested.

The hints for each of the deals are:
6:00 AM PST - Get ready to rumble!
8:00 AM PST - Don't let Jigsaw get the best of you
10: 00 AM PST - Guinness World Record holder for Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever
12:00 PM PST - Become the Ultimate big-game hunter.
3:00 PM PST - Limited Edition bundle of the latest installment in a classic series.
6:00 PM PST - Gripping tale of a young hero on a quest for justice, trust and friendship
8:00 PM PST - The Last Hope is released
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