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Sorry, I am having a little bit of a Sega fanboy moment... let me get myself together.

There we go. Sega has announced an all new entry into the Virtual On series exclusively for the Xbox 360! Sega has been running a countdown timer on a Japanese page for a few days now and now that it has ended, Virtual On Force has been made official.

The title was actually revealed through a Famitsu magazine leak earlier this week and most concluded that the countdown was heading towards the official unveil. It was. The current issue of Japan’s Famitsu magazine had the first batch of information on the game. According to the article, the game will support both a single player mission / campaign as well as 2-on-2 cooperative battles both online and off. The current roster of playable mechs is said to include at least 13 different characters, possibly going up as high as 91 if the translations of the official page are correct.

The game is currently only being announced for Japan, but considering the recent success of Ontario Tangram on the XBLA worldwide, a release outside of Japan is very likely. The official site lists the title as being available this coming winter for the both the Xbox 360 and in Japanese arcades. This will be a full blown retail title and not a digital distribution game. Virtual On Force originally launched in Japanese arcades way back in 2001, but the game is receiving a HD make over to bring it into the next generation.

The new title coincidentally comes the same year as the Virtual On series celebrates its 15th anniversary. The series is arguably one of the most beloved mech-battling series available, worldwide.

Source: Andriasang

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