All a buzz over Steam only version of Modern Warfare 2 being locked unitl November 13

by: John -
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If you bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in the stores today for the PC, you'll have no problem playing it even with the Steam requirement. If, however, you bought the Steam only version you have to wait until November 13th to play. What? Really Activision? Really? Why?

A lot of places are accusing Valve of delaying the release of the game while others are thinking this is another one of those tactics that's making Activision one of the most hated companies in the gaming industry today. I personally don't see any reason for Valve to hold the release date back as it's not even their game. It's all Activision in my mind but I don't know why they would want to keep the Steam only version unplayable until November 13th.

Has there been a game recently on the PC that's taken so much flack for what's been done?
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