Alan Wake's American Nightmare launch trailer

by: Travis -
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Remedy Entertainment has released a spooky launch trailer for the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade standalone game Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Not designed as a sequel, but more of an expansion of the Alan Wake universe and fiction. In American Nightmare, Wake ends up in an alternative reality that is ruled by evil shadows and the elusive Mr. Scratch. The quest to eliminate Mr. Scratch and from losing touch on reality will take Wake to the town of Night Springs.

If you're looking for a bit more action, then American Nightmare will also include a new arcade survival mode dubbed "Fight till Dawn." This mode will have players battling onslaughts of enemies as well as working to achieve a high score on the leaderboards.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be available on February 22 for Xbox Live Arcade with a price of 1200 Microsoft Points.

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