Alan Wake on the PC already made back its dev costs

by: John -
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Alan Wake was originally going to be released on the PC as well as the 360. If memory serves me correctly, that was mentioned as one of the platforms that Remedy was going to release on when I saw it at E3 many moons ago.

The game finally hit the PC last week and good news, the development costs and marketing expenses have been covered within the first 48 hours of the game going on sale.

This is certainly good to hear and now they're in the black with the PC version of the game. Here's hoping we get more success stories like this. Now, it could be that it wasn't that hard to port since I've heard that the development tools can make putting games on the 360 and PC pretty simple, but still.

Alan Wake originally came out on the Xbox 360 on May 14 of 2010, so it took almost two years for the game to hit the PC. Two years later, the game gives Remedy a profit on the PC.
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