Agarest: Generations of War heading to PCs in October

by: Russell -
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If you've been following the recent "Now Playing" posts on Fridays, you'll note that I'm working on a blind run of Record of Agarest War Zero for the Xbox 360 over on my YouTube channel.  For those who don't know, RoAWZ is a prequel to the original Record of Agarest War, also known as Agarest: Generations of War in Europe.  Why did I mention all of that?  Because Agarest: Generations of War is heading to PCs via Steam on October 3rd.  I'm honestly not sure why they're using the European title as opposed to the North American title of Record of Agarest War, though I do like the European title better as it makes more sense seeing as how the game takes place over a couple different generations in time.

Anyway, if you're interested in checking out the first game in the Agarest series, you can pre-order now and save 20% off of the regular price of $19.99.  You'll also receive seven free DLC packs.  If you don't pre-order, the DLC packs will also be available at launch.
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