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For those of you who like punishment (the virtual kind) Meridian 4 recently released a patch which give their game Shadowgrounds: Survivor two new difficulties; bleeding hard and impossible. They also included support for French and Spanish languages. Makes me wonder how Bleeding Hard translates into French.

Shadowgrounds Survivor Challenges a Whole New Audience


Montreal, Canada. April 23, 2008 - Meridian4 ( and developer Frozenbyte are pleased to announce the release of an update to their critically acclaimed Action/Shooter; Shadowgrounds Survivor.


The update includes two extra languages; Spanish and French to open the game up to new audiences and two additional difficulty settings; Bleeding Hard and Impossible to challenge even the best Survivor gamers.


“With the added difficulty settings, Frozenbyte has given fans another reason to jump back into the alien slaughter. New comers to the game as well as Survivor die-hards will find a challenge with these new settings…Good Luck!” said Jeff Giasson, Production Director at Meridian4.


The update is now available on Steam for new purchases and any existing clients. For more information about the update and the title, visit: or



About Shadowgrounds Survivor

Shadowgrounds Survivor has been well received by the press and gamers alike and is even one of the top ten rated games released in 2007/2008 according to


Shadowgrounds Survivor provides exhilarating gameplay for any action fan, pitting players against waves of relentless alien foes as they battle for survival on Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede. In addition to the exciting campaign, Shadowgrounds Survivor features the thrilling and brutal Survival mode, cooperative multiplayer and on-disc editing tools that further extend the game experience.



About Frozenbyte

Frozenbyte is an independent game developer based in Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 2001, the company is out to show the world that dedication, hard work and innovation can deliver inspiring and fresh games. Highly-acclaimed PC action title Shadowgrounds was Frozenbyte's debut game and the story continues in 2007 with Shadowgrounds Survivor. In 2008 the company will break new ground with a brand new unannounced project. For more information, visit


About Meridian4

Meridian4 is an interactive software publisher located in Montreal, Canada. We are a new publishing company, with new ideas and a different approach to forming partnerships with developers. The difference is we actually form a partnership – a true relationship characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility to achieve the best possible performance for their products. For more information, visit

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