After six years, The Lord of the Rings Online gets to the battle of Helm's Deep

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Some six years after launch, The Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep expansion is ready to bang sword and shield together for the legendary battle. Pre-orders begin today for the Nov. 18 release. Helm's Deep takes the story to the western plains of Rohan and raises the level cap from 85 to 95.

The $59.99 premium edition gets a host of in-game goodies, to include a full set of Rohirrim cosmetic armor and 2,000 Turbine points. The $39.99 base edition scales back the goodies, of course, but they'll still be getting a chest piece from that Rohirrim armor and 1,000 Turbine points. Middle-earthlings that pre-purchase (rather than wait for the Nov. 18 launch) will also receive a cloak with a 25% boost to experience points, and an exclusive mount suited up for the battle.

This video is a rallying cry for the whole shebang. After six years, the character models look a little flat, but those architectural interiors are richly detailed. A little suspension of disbelief may be required when you see the orc army, who look like a pseudo mob of evenly spaced scarecrows out in the battlefield.


Players Can Pre-Purchase Latest Expansion

To The Award-Winning MMORPG Starting Today

NEEDHAM, MA – September 12, 2013 -- Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that The Lord of the Rings Online™: Helm’s Deep™, the next expansion to the award-winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) developed by Turbine, will launch on November 18th. Helm’s Deep will continue the Epic Story into the western plains of Rohan, allow players to take an unprecedented role in the legendary battle for Helm’s Deep while advancing to the new level cap of 95.

“Helm’s Deep is the site of the most memorable battle in Middle-earth and we’re excited to announce our launch date and introduce some great new in-game items for anyone who pre-purchases the expansion,” said Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online. “We’ve come to a really exciting and momentous point in the story, and we can’t wait to show players how the game will bring this classic clash to life. This technical and gameplay innovation brings massive conflicts to life like never before and is another huge leap forward for MMO players in Middle-earth.”


    Experience the Battle for Helm’s Deep – Fight to defend Helm’s Deep starting as early as level 10, when your character enlists as a soldier in the Battle of the Hornburg, the most epic conflict yet in The Lord of the Rings Online.  Earn rewards for your contribution to the war effort – win or lose, your skill makes a difference!

    Explore new landscapes across Western Rohan - Explore the Westemnet of Rohan and rally each of the five ridings as Rohan returns to glory. Traverse the capital of Edoras, mysterious Dunharrow, and the fortress of the Hornburg within Helm’s Deep.

    Advance from levels 85 to 95 - Experience 10 new levels, from 85 to 95, with new skills and completely updated class specializations. Both mounted and un-mounted combat will challenge you as you war against the evil forces of Saruman.

    Continue the Epic Story - Encounter beloved characters such as Aragorn, Éowyn, and Éomer. Restore King Théoden to his rightful throne while you defend the peoples of Rohan at Helm’s Deep.

Beginning today, players can take advantage of special pre-purchase offers:

PREMIUM EDITION - $59.99, €53,99, £44.99

Features all Helm’s Deep content, with level cap increase. This edition also grants these great items:

    Armour of the Hammerhand – an exclusive full set of Rohirrim cosmetic armour
    +10 quest log slots
    Crystal of Remembrance – adds one additional legacy to your legendary weapon
    Helm’s Deep Title – Helm’s Enforcer
    Helm’s Deep Title – Helm’s Avenger
    2,000 Turbine points

Pre-purchasers will also receive these items that can be used immediately in the game:

    Shield of the Hammerhand (Statted Cloak  +25%XP, scales to level of wearer)
    Exclusive War-steed Bundle (The Steed of the Hammerhand) – an exclusive Rohirrim mount with matching War-Steed appearance

BASE EDITION – $39.99, €35,99, £29.99

Features all Helm’s Deep content, with level cap increase. Also grants these items:

    Hauberk of the Hammerhand - an exclusive Rohirrim cosmetic chest piece
    Helm’s Deep Title: Helm’s Enforcer
    1,000 Turbine points

Pre-purchasers will also receive these items that can be used immediately in the game:

    Token of Hornburg (+25% Monster XP)
    The Steed of the Hammerhand – an exclusive Rohirrim Mount
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