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Aeria Games gives you prettier ways to access average web MMO's

by: Ben Berry -
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I love it when I get press releases about products that need improvement. It makes me hopefully that they've been improved. All too often though, you read the release only to find out that a new way to spend money on the game, or that they've expanded the gameplay to allow more of the same level of crap to exist.  I got an email from Aeria Games saying that their "13 million gamers' now have a completely redesigned site by which to access their web based MMOs.

First, 13 million games is way overstating it. My guess is that its maybe 1 million gamers, and the rest are either duplicate accounts or from folks who have come and gone. Second, the games are all knockoffs of each other with the same engine featuring different graphics. Sure the plots are different and some have more depth than others, but for the most part it feels the same.

All the snark and griping aside, supporting 1 million users isnt too shabby, Plus, if even 25% spend money, they've got some method other than ads to pay for the development. Plus, at least they're putting their effort into some improvements. There are free MMO's on the web that are basically completely unsupported.

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New Features, Additional Language Support Now Live for Gamers all over the World
SANTA CLARA, Calif. - (May 6, 2010) - Aeria Games & Entertainment, a leading global publisher of interactive entertainment, launched a radical update to its online gaming portal today. The new website provides streamlined access to all of Aeria's published games and improved support for a number of international languages, and can be found at http://www.aeriagames.com.
Aeria Games Website Screencap"The refreshed portal is our latest effort in our commitment to give back to the 13 million members that are part of Aeria Games' ommunity," said J.T. Nguyen, COO of Aeria Games. "This is only the beginning. Online gamers worldwide can look forward to web-based gaming features, social network integration and more as we continue to evolve."
As part of the portal update, Aeria Games also announced an expansion of its available foreign language game clients, with updates underway to provide the existing Aeria catalogue in Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, and Russian.  Aeria plans to release additional features for the portal soon, including a new library of browser-based games and further support for popular social networks such as Facebook.