Aerena may be the turned based game I've been looking for

by: Nathan -
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I have never really been a fan of turned based games but then I discovered XComm Enemy Unknown and everything changed. I absolutely fell in love with XComm and wanted to seek out more games that are turned based but are also tactical in the same way. Then at PAX East this year I discovered Aerena and I think I found another turned based game I may fall in love with soon. 

In Aerena you put together a team of five characters, all with their own abilities and take to the battlefield against the AI or against other opponents. The battlefield you fight on is rather small but provides for some pretty intense battles. Like I mentioned before, the game is turned based so you will have to think carefully about how you will spend each of the moves in your turn. In one turn you may move a character to a square and then attack the enemy, or you may decide to not attack at all and move more squares to get a better advantage over the enemy. Every move is critical and I feel like this going to be a game that takes a short time to learn, but a long time to master. The ultimate goal of the battle is to take down your opponents gun ship so there are also some MOBA elements in the game as well for those who are into those games. 

I really wish there were more games of this genre around and I'm really excited to check out Aerena as it grows over time. The official launch of Aerena is scheduled for April 30th but you can download Aerena now on Steam on early access, Google Play and will be coming soon to the Apple App Store. The other cool thing about the game is that is features cross platform play and will allow you to play your game on all three devices. The mobile versions are free to play but the Steam version is paid. I am not sure how that works with the cross platform play but I am going to assume anything you buy or own is carried over between all three versions. 

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