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The Adventure Company has released The Adventure Collection: Volume One, a compilation of five of their most popular titles.  For $20 you get Dead Reefs, Keepsake, Return to Mysterious Island, Nibiru: Age of Secrets and The Secret Files: Tunguska.  This collection is to adventure gamers what the Orange Box is to FPS fans, and apparently this is only volume one.  I'm thinking impulse buy.

Good Morning Adventure Gaming Fans!


The Adventure Company is pleased to announce that The Adventure Collection: Volume One will be releasing to retail stores today, January 22, 2008, for the suggested retail price of $19.99USD.  


Included in this collection are five of the top-selling adventure titles released by The Adventure Company:


Dead Reefs


Return to Mysterious Island

Nibiru: Age of Secrets

The Secret Files: Tunguska


This is a must have for any adventure gaming fan!  If you’ve missed out on playing any of these games, this is your chance to purchase all five at once for an unbeatable price. 


The ESRB Rating for this collection ranges from E (Everyone) to T (Teen).  For more information on each of the titles included in The Adventure Collection: Volume One please visit our website at

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