Activision's Spider Man games suck?

by: Sean Colleli -
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Fresh off last week's controversial announcement of the Spider Man movie reboot, comes this interesting gem from the ever-vociferous Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. Kotick flat-out admitted that Spider Man games from his company over the last five years sucked. Apparently he was talking to Game Informer about how Blizzard's partnership with Activision taught the latter company about quality. The main issue, according to Kotick? Not enough web-slinging. Funny, I thought there was plenty of that in Activision's Spidey games. There was also a lot of repetitive combat and pointless combo systems, but that doesn't sound nice in a soundbite.

I admit, the Spider Man games over the past 5 years or so have been pretty spotty. I enjoyed Ultimate Spider Man more than I did Spider Man 2 but since then it's been downhill. Spider Man 3, Friend or Foe and Web of Shadows were all pretty bad (except for the DS port of Web of Shadows, which was great but way too hard).

That said, Kotick really needs to curb his enthusiasm. Was he one of the developers working on those games, crunched by deadlines, constricted to a movie release timeframe and slaving away on another rote franchise spinoff? I don't think he was. I know how I'd feel if I gave it my best under tough circumstances, and the big boss man went around saying my work sucked.
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