Activision/Vivendi pull out of the ESA completely

by: Chuck -
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Next Gen is reporting that Activision and Vivendi have completely pulled out the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and are going in a different direction.  It was one thing when they pulled out of E3 yesterday but it's a completely different animal when they leave the association all together.  This is certainly an interesting move by the gaming giant and it will be interesting to see if other companies start to pull out as well. 

Update (Chuck) - Kotaku has learned that NC Soft, id Software, Codemasters, and Her Entertainment have also jumped ship as well.  While no reason was specified there are numerous parties that think the issue is with the ESA itself and the guy who replaced Doug Lowenstein. 

E3 is a the big money maker for the ESA and with all of these giants pulling out it could impact the ESA's ability to fund things like the ESRB ratings system.
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