Activision unveals two latest combatants for War for Cybertron

by: Chuck -
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The roster of robots for Transformers:War for Cybertron grew by two this week as Activision revealed that the game will star Air Raid and Breakdown.  Both robots look to be the same based on their descriptions.  Both are scouts, use the EMP shotgun as their primary weapon and both like long walks on the beaches of Cybertron on bright moonlit nights.  

I'm still holding out some hope that the game doesn't suck as bad as the last few Transformer games.  Hopefully we'll get a chance to play the game at E3 in a few weeks.  Until then here are pictures of the two new robots.

Class: Scout
Chassis: Jet
Primary Weapon: EMP Shotgun
Abilities: Guided Missile, Dash
Description: Fearless and rash, Air Raid is always ready for a fight. He prefers diving head first into a pack of Decepticons rather than shooting them from afar because it’s more fun. That is his only real goal in life; to have fun. This attitude always seems to place him and his fellows in danger, but he always manages to get himself and his friends out of it.

Class: Scout
Chassis: Car
Primary Weapon: EMP Shotgun
Abilities: Shockwave, Dash
Description: Breakdown is a very capable Decepticon warrior, but has one main underlying problem. He is extremely paranoid that everyone and everything is out to get him. Being in crowded places is nerve wracking for Breakdown, as he feels like everyone is staring at him, judging him. He just wants to blend in and do the duty that the Decepticons require of him in anonymity.

Transformers: War for Cybertron challenges players to become the ultimate weapon as a TRANSFORMERS character in the final, epic war that will determine the survival of their entire race. Armed with a diverse arsenal of lethal, high-tech weaponry and the ability to instantly convert from robot to vehicle at any time, players will engage in heart-pounding battles on land and in the air in this gripping, 3rd person action shooter set in the TRANSFORMERS’ war-ravaged homeland. Complete with several multiplayer modes, Transformers: War for Cybertron allows gamers to play through story missions with their friends in drop in/drop out online co-op, and also create their own TRANSFORMERS character for competitive head-to-head multiplayer modes, choosing among four distinct character classes, personalizing its look and selecting from a huge variety of weapons, skills and abilities.
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