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Activision threatens to drop PS3 and PSP

by: John -
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Would a company like Activision drop support for Sony's PlayStation 3? Well they just said they were thinking about it. Activision Blizzard's CEO Bobby Kotick has stated that they are going to look at it but that Sony needs to drop the price for the attach rate to rise or risk losing Activision's support. Is it fair? Would they do that? I don't know but I doubt they would just drop games for the system. I think Sony does need to drop some price soon though for the console as it's tough to ask anyone to spend that kind of dough on a game system/ Blu-Ray player since you can get a game system and Blu-Ray player cheaper than a PS3 with the recent $99 Blu-Ray player coming to Walmart and the 360 or Wii being $250 and under.,

-Update- The article also mentions the possibility of dropping the PSP as well for Activision. Boy, Activision really has it against Sony don't they right now?