Activision shows off the time manipulation features of Singularity

by: Chuck -
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I'm still not sure why Singularity isn't getting a lot of buzz yet as the game has a fairly interesting premise, a cool hook (time manipulation), and some fairly strong visuals.  I'm not sure if it's that a lot of gamers haven't heard about the game or if we're just going through a bit of FPS burning right now.

Here's the latest trailer for the game which shows off the fun things you can do with the Time Manipulation Device (TMD).  Besides allowing you to build and destroy cover it allows you to go all Ark of the Covenant on your enemies and melt their faces off by rapidly aging or evolving them.  It's a fairly cool feature but I'm interested to see how it's implemented (can I use it everywhere or just in certain situations).  Hopefully it's as cool as it looks.

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