Activision knows a hit when it sees one: Skylanders now going MMO

by: Jeremy -
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Like it or not, you cannot deny the fact that Skylanders was a huge hit this Holiday Season. Nearly every store that I went to throughout the month of December had its racks nearly cleared of the game and all of the figures and accessories. Activision knows that they are onto something with the series and aren’t wasting any time taking the concept to the next level. Say hello to Skylanders- Spyro’s Universe!

Thanks to the newly launched website, Skylanders players can now take their little creatures online with friends through the PC and create their own Skyland. The project is currently in the beta phase but can be checked out at the official website.

As players level their Skylanders in the game, they will unlock new things to use in the Universe world with which they can customize their lands and experience. They can also play through a variety of mini-games and chat with friends online.

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