Activision has a lot of stuff for E3 this year

by: Chuck -
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Apparently Activision has a lot of stuff to show off at E3 this year.  How do we know that?  Because they are booking three hour appointments this year.  This is up from two hour appointments for the last three years or so.

To put that into perspective your average E3 appointment is 30 minutes to one hour long.  We already know most of the big titles that they'll have in in the short term like Singularity, Transformers:Battle for Cybertron, Blur, and Shrek Forever After (which Ben is chomping at the bit to review) as well as fall titles like Call of Duty:Black Ops, DJ Hero 2, and Tony Hawk Shred but you have to wonder why three hours are necessary to see all these titles. 

What else are we missing?  You have to figure there's another Guitar Hero game in there but is it possible we'll get the official announcement of the rumored Bizarre Creations James Bond racing game?  Even then it still leaves some room for a few more titles.  Speculate away in the comments.
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