Activision drops price on DJ Hero 2/Guitar Hero:Warriors of Rock

by: Chuck -
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Activision has seen the writing on the wall and has permanently dropped the price on DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero:Warriors of Rock.  DJ Hero 2 is now available for $59.99 with a turntable or $49.99 for just the game. 

Warriors or Rock will now set you back for $49.99 for just the game or you can pay now pay $79.99 for the guitar pack or $159.99 for the full kit. 

The DJ Hero 2 deal does seem like a decent buy, especially if you want to pick up a copy with the turntable.  I'm not so sure about Warriors or Rock given Cyril's less than stellar review

What do you think?  Are these discounted prices enough to get you to buy the games or not?
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