Activision didn't want Modern Warfare, they wanted another WWII game

by: John -
More On: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Did you know the Call of Duty 2 wasn't planned to be set in WWII? Activision sort of bribed Infinity Ward into creating another WWII game with dev kits for consoles if they did 2 in a WWII setting. Infinity Ward wanted to get into console development so that was why they did the second game that way.

In more information from CVG's look at the interview with Infinity Ward in the latest PlayStation magazine, Activision was also dead set against doing the fourth game in modern times, rather wanting ANOTHER WWII game. I mean, how many WWII games do we need Activision? I'm glad they finally did let IW go about and do Modern Warfare as the rest is history. It's just funny to see how a company almost stalled a great franchise with their "market research".
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