Activision countersues ex Infinity Ward heads

by: John -
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Well, the story keeps on going as Activision has gone and leveled a lawsuit against Jason West and Vincent Zampella. Activision's saying they had every right to fire the two and that they were in talks with a competitor. Well, we all figure that the competitor would be Electronic Arts.

Activision's claiming Jason and Vincent wanted to steal Infinity Ward for their own personal gain. I'm guessing that Activision thinks the two would have tried to take the studio to EA and back to their original employers. I don't know how Jason and Vincent prevented Activision from rewarding additional compensation the employees of Infinity Ward though, which just doesn't sound right. Finally, Activision claims that the two have delayed pre-production on Modern Warfare 3, which they hoped to have released in 2011.

Kind of juicy stuff coming out of this situation but I'm sure we're far from a resolution to this and maybe more will come out as time goes on.
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