Activision blocks Rock Band PS3 patch

by: John -
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Now this is pretty silly in my opinion. The folks that made Rock Band has created a patch that would let guitars from Guitar Hero III playable on the game. Seeing as there's not an easy way just to buy an extra guitar for the PS3, this would be a welcomed patch indeed. Xbox 360 owners have this ability so why can't the folks on the PS3 do as well, It seems like Activision and Red Octane don't like the notion of their guitars being used on another game on the PlayStation 3 though. That's too bad really. Guitars should work on all games and Red Octane shouldn't block this from happening. It gives them a black eye and gamers will remember that you're being difficult with items that benefit the consumer.

I was annoyed that I couldn't use the guitar from Rock Band on the Guitar Hero games for the 360. I hope the folks at Activision and Red Octane reconsider their position and also allow peripherals from the competition be usable on their games. Do the right thing and don't block this patch and let a patch out that adds compatibility for your game with the Rock Band guitars.

Thanks Kotaku.
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