Activision announces new DS game Squinkies, Ben and Chuck make fun of the name

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Activision has announced that they are working on Squinkies, a game based on series of children's toys of the same name.  In the game you play the Squinkie Princess who must find all of her long lost Squinkie friends.  The game looks like your typical crank out a licensed IP game and make a ton of profit kind of deal.  But the real question is "What is a Squinkie".  Well, Ben and I exchanged e-mails on the topic and here's what we came up with. 

Chuck - "Dude, eating mexican food and then two pizza's gave me a case of he squinkies"
Ben - "Seeing her across the room, all i could think about was ripping her clothes off and getting a look at her squinkies"
Chuck - "Sleeping with Paris Hilton is almost a certain way to catch the squinkies."
Ben - "Following the roller coaster ride, her squinkies were spread all over the inside of the nearest trashcan."
Chuck - "Didn't one of the Blue Jackets hockey players have surgery that removed one of his squinkies?"
Ben - "His discovery of the new sub-atomic particles which he has dubbed squinkies, have sent the scientific community into a tither."

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments.


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – February 4, 2011 – Activision (Nasdaq: ATVI) and Blip Toys today released details for the upcoming videogame based on the phenomenally popular children’s toy, Squinkies™, recently voted as one of the best new toys at Toy Fair in London. Available this April on Nintendo DS™, Squinkies™ brings the squishy, pint-sized characters to life on a magical adventure.

Players immerse themselves in the Squinkies world playing as Squinkies Princess in search of their lost lovable Squinkies friends. Successfully completing a mini-game will free Squinkies which will then be added to the player’s collection. The games are easy to engage and fun to play including: Squinkies Match, Squinkies Puzzle, Squinkies Pool, Squinkies Chains, Squinkies Paint or Squinkies Chomp.

With over 250 Squinkies to find and collect, the game is packed with hours of engaging game play. Magic coins can also be earned as bonuses to collect more Squinkies. Just like the toy play sets, players can insert the magic coins into an interactive Gumball Playhouse to add new Squinkies to their collection. All collected Squinkies will be cataloged in their interactive Bubble Bank, complete with animations, music and sound effects.

Squinkies will be available this April on Nintendo DS™. This game is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. For more information, please visit

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