Activision announces DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5, and Band Hero

by: John -
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Well, Activision's really getting this out of the way early aren't they? Activision just sent out word that there will be three new titles this fall.

First up is DJ Hero which will come with a new turntable controller and focus on hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica and dance music. I know there's been some fans clamoring for this so here you go. This fall, you can rock the turntable.

Guitar Hero 5 was announced but no details were given. Are they moving away from the Band route with this one because the next announcement is....

Band Hero will appeal to a more broad family audience and like World Tour, the game will feature the full compliment of instrument controllers.

Now, I'm sure we'll hear more and get to experience these items at E3 when we go next month but I'm curious as to if they are indeed going back to just the guitar for Guitar Hero 5 and moving the band experience into the new spinoff.
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