Activision acquires Bizzare Creations

by: Chuck -
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It looks like the M&A people at Activision have been busy as they have purchased Bizzare Creations (the folks behind the Geometry Wars and Project Gotham franchises) according to a post on their website.  It looks like Activision is going to have the same hands off approach they've had with other acquisitions (Red Octane springs to mind) and we won't see any kind of crappy re-branding to maximize corporate synergy crap that we've seen elsewhere (I'm looking at you 2K Bostrailia).

What this does mean for gamers is that Bizzare is going to have a little more freedom to bring their games to other platforms.  It doesn't say what they are working on next but I have to imagine that the PS3 might soon get a Project Gotham like game. 
Hat tip to Unscripted 360 for the scoop.
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