Action Arcade Wrestling 2 dev blog #3 released

by: Nathan -
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A new developers blog for the upcoming Xbox Indies game Action Arcade Wrestling 2 has been released. I was a huge fan of the first game which played homage to the 2D arcade style wrestling games of the early 90's. 

In this developers blog we get a glimpse at how the create a wrestler feature has been updated along with how wrestler models have been improved. We also get a glimpse into the new animation physics in the game and how a wrestler takinng a move will react differently each time. Also shown are small updates made from the first game including the ability to delete wrestlers, putting wrestlers in groups and some tidbits about match types. AAC2 is currently working on making 1 on 1 matches as fun as possible and when thats done he will proceed to add more match types on top of that. Also mentioned is the ability to add more match types in the future through free game patches. 

Action Arcade Wrestling is a 2D wrestling game currently available in the Xbox Live Indies section for $0.99. No release date yet for AAW2 has been relased yet.

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