Achtung! Castle Wolfenstein is being talked about again for a movie

by: John -
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Ah Castle Wolfenstein. It was one of the first games on the Commodore 64 that I played where I heard speech. Back then, it was a huge deal and it blew me away to actually hear the guards speak in words rather than bleeps and bloops.

The movie version of the game's been in the development hell stages for a while, but things might be changing. Roger Avery, who's had a hand in such hits as Pulp Fiction, True Romance, and Silent Hill, is tapped to write and direct the video game adaptation. Now, the news isn't that new because Roger was announced to be writing the movie a while ago, but it seems we're getting a little more steam on finally getting this in front of a camera.

At least Mr. Avery has some experience with turning games into movies with Silent Hill. I never saw it, but it doesn't seem to get as bad as a rap than many others out there and it has some positive reviews with it.

Doesn't seem to be a time table yet, but let's hope it's not another five years before we hear anything about this again.
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