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I know more than a few folks are excited about playing ARMA II here in the United States so here's news that Bohmeia Interactive is partnering with Got Game Entertainment to release the game on July 7th.  I have to admit from what I've seen of AMRA II it does look like a kick-ass military FPS . As long as it doesn't have the laundry list of issues like America's Army 3 does right now, you could be looking at a great hit on your hands. I bet Jake's salivating right now.

ARMA II in North America!

Bohemia Interactive and Got Game Entertainment announce their
partnership for ARMA II's North American release

Prague, Czech Republic, June 22nd - Bohemia Interactive, creators of
award winning military simulation Operation Flashpoint* and ArmA:
Combat Operations and Got Game Entertainment, US leading publisher of
interactive entertainment games, announced today their partnershipfor
the North American retail release of ARMA II, one of the most
anticipated PC Game of 2009. The two companies have partnered together
to bring the game to most major retail outlets throughout North
America this July.

Bohemia Interactive once invented the genre of realistic military
sand-box games and it aims now to re-define that genre with its
upcoming game ARMA II, the ultimate military simulator, powered by the
3rd generation of their original Real Virtuality engine that's also
used to train soldiers in numerous countries from Australia to the
United States.

"North America is one of the most powerful and important markets in
terms of a game's marketing and distribution," said Marek Spanel,
Bohemia's CEO. Spanel continues "We were looking for responsible and
credible partners who will focus on ARMA II with the kind of drive and
enthusiasm that this huge project deserves. We feel Got Game Ent. will
be the right partner for us and I believe together we will make ARMA
II a success in North America."

"We are very excited to bring ARMA II to the North American market,"
said Got Game Entertainment President Howard Horowitz. "This caliber
of game brings Got Game Entertainment to a new level of excellence and
certainly ushers in a new era for our company."

ARMA II will offer the ultimate realistic combat simulation experience
in a modern day setting. With unprecedented freedom of movement,
actions and tactics, unbeatable detailed weapons and military
hardware, easy-to-use built in mission editor and one of the most
dedicated online communities around. The game will allow players to
immerse themselves into the battle as never before.

ARMA II is scheduled for an in store Date of July 7th, 2009. For more
information please visit the official homepage at and
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