APB users aren’t completely burned... in Europe

by: Jeremy -
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Unfortunately, APB has been officially declared a failure as Realtime Worlds announced earlier this month that the servers for the game were being closed after just a few months. Rumors have been bouncing around the internet of various companies, such as Epic, stepping to the plate and taking over the reigns for the title. EA on the other hand is actually stepping up to the plate in order to try and makeup for the failure of the game that it published in Europe.

If you happened to have purchased APB through electronically, through Valve’s Steam service, EA is offering you a free game of your choice... as long as they published it. Reports are stating that you can select any EA game that is offered on the digital distribution service to replace APB, be it Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Dragon Age: Origins... or any other title carrying the EA brand. In order to cash in on the offer, you need to contact EA through the following link.

Source: VG247
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