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Good Old Games has announced that they have released another classic from PC-gaming past in the form of Jordan Mechner’s The Last Express.

The Last Express is a critically acclaimed, adventure game from 1997 that takes place on the Orient Express just days before the start of the first World War. Players will assume the role of Robert Cath who is aboard the train as it makes its last trip from Paris to Constantinople (not Istanbul). Cath has been accused of murdering a police officer in France; although he believed that he was leaving his troubles behind, Cath discovers that they are just beginning.

You can head over to GoG and get the game, DRM free, for only $5.99 and check out a few screenshots below. Read more about the game and the announcement on the official press release available on the next page.

Climb Aboard The Last Express and Take a Trip with

One of the best designed and most immersive adventure games ever created is on GOG so anyone can experience it on modern systems without DRM.

Warsaw, Poland (January 26) -- (, the ultimate place for your classic PC games fix, is now offering one of the most underrated adventure games of all time: The Last Express. The game is available now for the best price around, only $5.99, and like all games on it is fully DRM-free.

In The Last Express you are Robert Cath, one of the passengers on the original Orient Express, as he’s traveling from Paris to Constantinople in June 1914 on the eve of World War I. At the very beginning you find your old friend, whom you were supposed to accompany on the voyage, murdered. You are challenged with finding out what has happened to your friend, lest you be accused of the murder--or worse!

Created by Jordan Mechner, the creative mind behind The Prince of Persia franchise, The Last Express was one of the most innovative adventure games of its time. With beautiful, Art Nouveau style graphics, a clever and engaging plot, and a unique, atmospheric setting, The Last Express has set standards not only for adventure games, but for all gaming genres in general. PC Gamer, in their review from 1997, stated that this game was “Exceptionally beautiful and immersive. A unique and polished adventure game with a strong, sustained, historical flavor.”

Climb aboard The Last Express for just $5.99 at


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