ACES Studio greatly impacted by Microsoft cuts

by: Dan -
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Gamasutra reported yesterday that ACES Studio, the company behind Flight Simulator and Train Simulator franchises has been impacted severely by the 5,000 cuts (1,400 immediate yesterday) that Microsoft announced yesterday. According to the article, a "large portion" of the development studios staff have been laid off including the entire Flight Simulator development team. I'm a little shocked at the amount of cleaving to one of Microsoft's all-time best titles (Flight Simulator), but its possible they decided that after Flight Sim X (which came out in 2006) that it was time to move on. This is the second batch of Microsoft layoffs from a highly-visible game-related division from yesterday's announcement. Like the GSB folks, we wish the ACES team that was let go all the best and hope they find work quickly.
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