A video game movie done right? Wreck-It Ralph opening soon

by: Jeremy -
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Gamers have been waiting for years for a great movie based on a video game property. Since nobody can seem to do a “good” single movie based on a single game, perhaps Disney can do it by using a lot of them. Wreck-It Ralph is opening in theaters on November 2, 2012 and based on the the trailers that have been shown thus far, and the new trailer shown below, it could be the movie gamers have been waiting for.

We’ve talked about the movie a few times in the past, with both John and I showing interest in the project. It looks genuinely funny while managing to capture the spirit of the industry at the same time. It is clear to see that the people behind this film not only enjoy games, but respect and admire them too, which is the magic piece of the formula that could make the difference.

Check out the latest trailer for the film which launches in just a few short weeks:

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