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A very brief look at the Puzzle Quest 2 character select

by: Sean Colleli -
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This seems like kind of a waste of a trailer but for what it's worth, here's the character select screen for Puzzle Quest 2. I would've liked to see them play around with the options some more but hey what are you going to do. I'm sure Cyril will enjoy it anyway, as he's probably pretty stoked for the sequel. Check out the class info after the break--there's some good info in there.


We’ve all fallen asleep in class at one time, so we’ll make a deal with you. If you’re interested in staying alive in Puzzle Quest 2, we’ll give you a quick overview of the new classes; Templar, Assassin, Barbarian and Sorcerer and include some general strategy on how to best to play as them. [Note: as Etheria is an equal opportunity fantasy realm, players can also choose to be either a female or male version of each class, and the stats for each class are the same regardless of gender] And in the interest of keeping you awake, we’ll make this class discussion to the point.

Barbarians are a well-rounded class, with both solid offensive and defensive spells. They are the only class that may use the most powerful two-handed weapons, and start with 29 Life points.

Barbarians start with higher strength and stamina, and their first spell is appropriately called “pummel”. They are a great character for players who prefer big weapons that do heavy damage. Players who use the Barbarian will want to accumulate more action points and equip big, two-handed weapons like the heavy club and bastard sword.
Assassins may appear weak at first, but their spells combine to deliver some of the most lethal damage in the game. By activating a “stealth” spell first, an Assassin with enough mana can then activate a series of “strike” spells which (with stealth enabled) will double the damage.

The assassin’s starting spell, “sneak attack” will help whittle away at enemy life points. Even though it does minimal damage, it does NOT use up a turn, so use it regularly when you have a good supply of blue mana.

Assassins are best outfitted in leather armor, and the Assassin’s signature weapon is the dirk, find a good one to upgrade as it deals a decent amount of damage for a relatively limited number of action points. Assassins are also the only class that can use the most powerful poisons.

In many ways, Sorcerers really are the masters of the puzzle quest board – with spells for all occasions from direct damage to board manipulation, the Sorcerer is the thinking man’s or resourceful puzzler’s character.

Sorcerers are the only class that can use mana tonics; they have fewer life points, but can also start with the highest amount of mana “30”. Spell-casters will want to rally behind the “Mage Strike” spell and focus less on wielding traditional weapons.

Cautious and methodical players will appreciate the Templar. The Templar is the master of defense –they start with the highest number of life points, 30, and gain five per level (Barbarians and Assassins gain four, Sorcerers only three). Unlike the Assassin, they may not be able to deal a lot of quick damage, but they are difficult to kill.

The Templars starting spell is “Defensive Wall” and true to a knight class, they are the only class in the game which can wear the most protective armor, plate armor, and the only class to carry Tower Shields.