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You know it... I know it... and now it is time that the rest of the entertainment and consumer world recognizes it: video games are here to stay. What was once a “niche” hobby, is now a true, entertainment juggernaut. According to a report from the business website Daily FinanceBest Buy is definitely recognizing this fact and will begin making changes within their stores in order to accommodate the demand for the gaming market, as well as other emerging market segments.

According to the article, Best Buy has announced plans to effective reduce the floor space that their stores dedicate to both CD and DVD offerings in order to allow their gaming and mobile departments to further expand. In a quote from Brian Dunn, the CEO of Best Buy, the company is planning a pre-holiday “store reset” that will allocate more space for these growing departments.

“We'll have another store reset before the holidays, which will include an increase in the space for higher-growth and, in the aggregate, higher-margin categories, like Best Buy Mobile, e-readers and gaming, with a heavy emphasis on new gaming platforms and pre-owned game titles”

Other stores, such as Target and Walmart have been slowly expanding their gaming departments, but it hasn’t been done to the visible detriment of other products. Best Buy’s move, which should be visible within the next few weeks, is perhaps the boldest as the company is openly cutting the space allocated for other products for gaming in particular.

We, as an industry are growing people, and it is starting to be evident to even those outside of gaming...
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