A scrubby hobbit talks about the Halo movie and Linux machines will help make a movie for a Microsoft product

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Gametrailers has some cam footage of Peter Jackson taking about the Halo movie. Ok, is it me or does he look very hobbit like in the video? I mean that hair and the face... put a ring around his neck and some ragged clothes and he'd be a fine citizen of Middle Earth. I wouldn't be suprised if he stands in front of the fireplace at night and repeats, "The ring is mine." over and over again. Anyways, not much about the movie but if you're a PJ fan and/or a Halo fan, check out the very short film footage.

In related news, this article on Stuff talks about how WETA will be handling the special effects and the shop is comprised of dual-processor IBM Blade servers running Fedora core. I wonder if Microsoft would try to convince Mr. Jackson to switch over to Windows Server 2003. I know the movie's going to be using Massive, the animation tool that was used so successfully on the Lord of the Rings triology for the battle scenes runs on Fedora so a switch to a Windows platform wouldn't be possible in the time frame. But you gotta figure Microsoft probably doesn't want to get the word out too much the movie's sfx is being done on a free OS.

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