A quick look at the Blu-Ray PC drive by the DL TV guys.

by: John -
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If you head over to DL.TV, you can see Patrick Norton and Robert Heron talk about the Pioneer Blu-Ray burner. The stupid part of it? You can't burn or read regular CDs. That's right, if you want to do regular CDs you'll need another drive. If you want to listen to a CD, too bad. Ugh. And of course it's not capable of dual-layer yet since it's the first one. It CAN do all formats of DVD. Time to burn is 42 minutes to fill the entire Blu-ray disk. The drive costs the same as the stand alone player which is at $999. The disks are around $20 as well. I love technology but Blu-Ray is one that just doesn't impress me at all. This technology's going to drive the PS3? No thanks.
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