A plethora of Dante's Inferno items

by: John -
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Every 9th of the month leading up to the release of the game I assume, there's going to be new content for Dante's Inferno. Well there's a bunch of stuff today so let's get to it.

First up, explore the next level of Hell in Lust on the game's website. Explore the painting and you'll get some info on various creatures.

You can actually win these paintings and there are two ways to do it. You can click on a Tweet from Hell in the exploration of the two available circles so far and you'll automatically be entered that way. You'll need a Twitter account of course to go this route. The other way is if you are a member of Facebook, become a fan and tag yourself into one of the pieces of artwork. These paintings are signed by the team and framed so they are going to be pretty damn nice pieces of artwork to own.

Finally, learn more about Dante Alighieri in a new section on the game's website. You'll learn more about the man who wrote the poem on which the game is based off of.
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