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$119.99 in September will net you the Logitech G510 keyboard that continues in their line of gaming keyboards. The G510 features a monochrome LCD panel that you can display various bits of information on. As with the previous keyboard, you can also change the backlighting on the keys to your liking.

What's a gaming keyboard without programmable keys and there are 18 of them here for you to utilize. Something that I've seen recently from Logitech's keyboard is the ability to plug in an audio headset and route it through the USB connection making one less connection needed to the computer itself. Finally, a switch is there to disable Windows/Context menu keys so you don't accidentally kick yourself out of a game.

It's not as high end as the G19 but it offers a good amount of features to make it a notch or so below it.

Logitech® Gaming Keyboard G510
The tools and intel you need to win

Announcement Date: August 5, 2010 Shipping: September 2010
Price: $119.99 Available at: www.logitech.com

Product Overview
With its GamePanel LCD, programmable G-keys, customizable backlighting, and integrated USB audio controller, the Logitech® Gaming Keyboard G510 gives you the tools and intelligence you need to win.

Key Features
Game Panel™ LCD: The monochrome LCD provides in-game stats, VoIP data, media player information, system performance, and more—without leaving the game.
Customizable backlighting: Personalize the character backlighting to better fit with the rest of your gear, and easily locate keys—even in the dark. You can choose from a wide array of colors, including white.
Integrated USB audio: Separate headphone and mic jacks and mute buttons let you use any analog headset with 3.5 mm plugs as a USB audio device for clear digital communication.
18 programmable G-keys: 18 programmable keys with three mode states each let you configure up to 54 unique functions per game, including single key presses or complex macros. And, you can use the MR key to record new macros on the fly.
Full-speed USB with multi-key input: The 500 Hz (2 millisecond) report rate means your commands are executed without delay. And you can perform multiple simultaneous actions or commands without having to worry that keystrokes are being ignored, delayed, or blocked by other keys.
Game/desktop switch mode: A game/desktop mode switch lets you disable the Windows/Context Menu keys so they won’t interrupt your game if pressed accidentally.

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