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The G11 was a pretty damn good keyboard from Logitech that I used a lot. That one's going bye bye though. Not to worry, as Logitech today announced the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 to take its place. This little baby has customizable backlighting, integrated USB audio, programmable G-keys, and USB ports.

Like recent Logitech offerings, the G110 will let you customize the color of the backlighting to what you want. With 12 programmable G-keys and 3 modes, you have 36 different macros that you can program in to the keyboard. Another great feature brought over from their last keyboard is the ability to switch off the Windows and Context Menu keys so you don't accidentally get kicked out of a game into another Window when pressed.

One interesting feature is integrated audio USB which takes any regular headset and mic and turns it into a USB audio device. So, you don't need to plug it into the computer and the computer will think your regular headset is a USB headset even though it's not.

It's going to retail for $79.99 and it's shipping in November.

Product Overview

Looking to step up your game? With the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 on your side, you’ve got what you need. The customizable backlighting, integrated USB audio, programmable G-keys, a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub port and a game/desktop mode switch let you communicate effectively, execute commands quickly, connect to your other favorite peripherals easily and play longer without the worry of being interrupted by accidental keypresses before you’re ready to call it quits.
Key Features

* Custom-color character backlighting* lets you easily locate the correct keys, even in the dark. Mix red and blue backlighting LEDs in varying intensities to create custom colors.
* Integrated USB audio with separate headphone and mic jacks and mute buttons mean you can use any analog headset with 3.5 mm plugs as a USB audio device for clear communication with low distortion and wide range.
* Twelve programmable G-keys with three macros per key* let you configure up to 36 unique functions per game, including single keypresses or complex macros. The MR key can be used to record new macros on the fly.
* Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub port lets you connect a flash drive for fast data transfer or quickly plug in your gaming mouse.
* Game/desktop mode switch disables the Windows/Context Menu keys so they won’t interrupt your game if pressed accidentally.

System Requirements

* Windows-based computer with Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows® 7 or Mac® computer with Intel processor, running Mac OS® X 10.4 or later
* 20 MB of available hard disk space
* CD-ROM drive or Internet connection for software download
* 1 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port

Product Specifications

* Dimensions (L x W x H) :
o 20.08 x 9.65 x 0.91 inches wide with palm rest
o Your browser may not support display of this image. 20.08 x 7.28 x 0.91 inches without palm rest
* Weight: 2.35 pounds


* 1-year limited warranty
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