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Daedalic Entertainment has recently announced that a new game is in the works that will take place in the Aventuria universe.  Memoria will continue the tale of a bird catcher named Geron, who's the protagonist of the prequel game "Chains of Satinav", but  will also be able to take on the role of the princess Sadja.  In the game you'll "venture deep into Aventuria's past and experience an age of epic battles" in a game where a forgotten past can affect everyone.

Memoria will be available in Q3 2013, but GDC 2013 attendees will be able to see it at the German Pavilion.

Hamburg, March 18, 2013 Indie developer Daedalic Entertainment once again journeys into the amazing world of Aventuria in their new adventure-game. "Memoria" not only continues the tale of bird catcher Geron, protagonist of the prequel "Chains of Satinav", but players will also take the role of the adventurous princess Sadja, venturing deep into Aventuria's past and experience an age of epic battles.

"Memoria" will be available in Q3 2013 featuring full English

About the game
"Memoria" tells the tale of princess Sadja of the faraway-land of Fasar, who once ventured into war to fight demons in the Gorian Desert. Her goal – to become the greatest hero of all time – was foiled under mysterious circumstances. Something had occurred, the girl disappeared and her tale was eventually forgotten.

Five centuries pass, until one day Geron, a young bird catcher, meets a traveling merchant named Fahi in his native forest. This merchant promises to turn Gerons girlfriend Nuri, who has been transformed into a Raven, back into human form. But this favor comes at a price: Geron has to finally solve the mystery of Sadja’s fate. He agrees without hesitation –  knowing that this will trigger a chain of events that will soon cast a shadow on his homelandand turn his present into a dark image of its long forgotten past…

About Daedalic Entertainment
In its Hamburg-based studio, Daedalic Entertainment develops, publishes and markets high-quality computer- and videogames to a world-wide player-base. The main focus lies on the production of exceptional entertainment-software with strong narratives.

With titles such as Chaos on Deponia, Harveys New Eyes, Chains of Satinav and Edna and Harvey: The Breakout, Daedalic has been able to set new standards in adventure gaming and has been awarded with no less than 17 German Developer Awards (amongst others as “Studio of the Year” 2009), four German Computer Game Awards and a European Games Award. As a publisher Daedalic brings unusual and exceptional titles such as Torchlight II, Botanicula and Tales of Monkey Island to the German market.‚Äč

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