A name change for a current game? Unusual, but yes...

by: Sean Cahill -
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it is very rare that we come across a situation such as this, but for those who have already downloaded Trenched, you are going to be a bit surprised when an update happens on November 30 that completely changes the name of the game to Iron Brigrade.  Now, granted, the reason for the name change is because plenty of new content is going to be made available and, due to the long wait for EU players, it was felt to be necessary to re-release it in a way with an entirely new title.
TRENCHED to become IRON BRIGADE 11/30/2011
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 17 – Double Fine Productions, Inc. announced today their Spike VGA Best Downloadable nominated title TRENCHED will be renamed to IRON BRIGADE worldwide on November 30th, 2011.  This marks the first time that the good people of Europe will be able to experience Double Fine’s unique blend of mech shooting and tower defense gameplay.  In addition to the European release, players who have already purchased TRENCHED will be updated automatically to IRON BRIGADE the very same day, which contains new content and enhancements free of charge.
“European players had to wait so long for this game, we wanted to make it up to them with awesome new features,”   said Brad Muir, Project Lead at Double Fine Productions.  “We added a brand new, incredibly challenging infinite Survival Mode with ten new pieces of high-powered loot, along with a new leaderboard to track players on this Survival Mission.”
With this update, IRON BRIGADE will become the new name of the game in all markets. The new Survival Mode, loot, and leaderboards will be available to all players on the same day, and there will be no national barriers in multiplayer. Players will be able to enjoy online matches of IRON BRIGADE with players from around the world.

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