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Now that 2009 is almost over, we’re all going to be somehow even more focused on 2010 for upcoming titles.

Trauma Team is releasing April 20th of the upcoming new year, and Atlus has just released more details on the work of the team in question. The six doctors of the team have been given a short overview of their personal lives in connection to medicine, but we’re now getting some insight to their work and what that might entail for gameplay.

We already know the basic run down:

1. CR-S01 – Surgery
2. Gabriel Cunningham – Diagnostics
3. Maria Torres – First Response
4. Hank Freebird – Orthopedics
5. Tomoe Tachibana – Endoscopy
6. Naomi Kimishima – Forensics
The news for CR-S01 and running the surgery aspect of the game is that surgeries are no longer under a time limit. Precision is still taken under consideration, though, so the challenge is not lost by any means.

If you watch Mystery Diagnosis you know it’s no easy task to diagnose patients. Playing as Gabriel Cunningham, you’ll be running into similar issues while you take various scans and analyze the results. Psychology is also involved in diagnostics, and you’ll have to be able to interpret your patient to figure out what’s going on and what they might not be telling you.

The insecure Maria Torres works with the E.M.T. unit, so you know there will be some chaos to deal with. In terms of gameplay you’ll be tasked with juggling several patients at once, making sure everyone is stabilized.

There’s nothing dull about orthopedics if it keeps ex-US Special Forces Hank Freebird happy. Precision here is just as important as with surgery, so taking your time to be accurate is key. Atlus cites “driving pins into a fractured femur or carving a segment of artificial bone” as some of the tasks you’ll be undertaking as Hank.

Tomoe Tachibana has, in my opinion, one of the more interesting jobs. Endoscopic surgery is one impressive feat. Winding your way down through a small incision with a camera to do body repairs is quite difficult, I imagine. Coloring in the lines may have gotten easy over the years, but staying in line here must take years of practice to accomplish (in real life).

Finally, Naomi Kimishima is the forensic scientist of the bunch. Forensics is also vastly interesting. I remember the class I took in high school for forensics science. The teacher had set up a pseudo murder crime scene in the girls’ bathroom. Crazy business. As Naomi, you’ll be partaking in similar investigations as my high school class, examining bodies for clues of their death.

That’s the quick overview of the 6 doctors you can play as in Trauma Team. Head over to Atlus’ site for the full scoop.
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