A look inside Valve Software

by: John -
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Valve Software's an interesting company. I mean, if you've ever seen their handbook, you know they operate pretty differently than others. Hell, you're not even told what to work on when you are hired. You're expected to wheel your desk over to the team that you are interested in.

The NY Times has a nice little article detailing some of the aspects of Valve and what they have in mind for hardware. Yes, Valve wants to make wearable computers just like the Google Glasses. They think that's the next big step in gaming. 

Now, those looking for news about the next Half-Life in the piece will be disappointed, but it's interesting to see that Electronic Arts had some talk about acquiring Valve Software, which at the time EA valued Valve at $1 billion. But, they were just talks and Gabe Newell said there was a better chance that the company would "disintegrate" than be sold.

It's a pretty fun piece to read if you want to get more into the company that does what it feels like doing, not what they're expected of doing and still being very successful at it.

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