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A first look at Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

by: Tina -
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Konami revealed new game features yesterday in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. If you’re interested in the handling of passing, feint, dribble, and defense in the soccer game that boasts both 360-degree control and realistic soccer play, you can check out both the new trailer and the complimentary new screenshots below.

Konami is attempting to place more control in gamers’ hands with the new power gauge system that allows you to map various tricks to the right stick. They’ve also released (however minimal) information on two modes: Stadium Edit that lets you create a home ground for in-game use, and Become a Legend mode with the goal of attaining honors to become the best player. Although detailed information may be currently scant, you can expect the coming months to reveal more.

Today Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. released new in-game assets and information from the next addition to the Pro Evolution Soccer sports videogame franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, scheduled for release on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, Wii™ and Windows PC this fall.

So far, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 has been astounding soccer fans with its free-flowing, unrestricted gameplay. Total control is the new game's mantra, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 delivers this with the debut of the power gauge system where players govern the strength and position of every pass. Total 360-degree control adds a new layer of realism to the series, and Konami has showcased this innovation with an all-new trailer.

The new footage shows the total freedom of passing Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 offers, alongside closer looks at its new dribbling, defensive hold-up play, and jostling. Similarly, the trailer gives an insight into the new power gauge, while also showing how feints and tricks can be mapped on to the right stick and accessed with ease. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 utilizes over 1000 new animations, and these are also on display in this most recent showcase of footage.

Konami has also released a number of new screens to accompany the trailer, and these reveal for the first time the new 'Stadium Edit' mode, that allows users to create their own home ground for use in the game, and the first screens for the massively reworked 'Become a Legend' mode, where players are cast as an upcoming phenom and strive to earn major honors and become the world's greatest player. More information about the 'Become A Legend' mode will be released in the coming months.